Family Medicine Physician Michelle Rein presented the Caledonia Ambulance Department, with a $10,000 donation from the Mayo Clinic Health System. A ceremony was held on Monday, June 3. Caledonia Ambulance Director Mike Tornstrom accepted the donation on behalf of the department. Both members of Caledonia Ambulance and the Mayo Clinic Health System were present.

“We are pleased to be here today with the representatives from the Caledonia Ambulance Service,” Rein said. “Director Mark Tornstrom has done a fantastic job of leading the ambulance service to provide the highest quality of care possible to the greater Caledonia community.”

The donation will go towards replacing both ambulances’ life support monitors, those are currently Phillips MRX monitors.

“Today it’s my pleasure to announce that the Mayo Clinic Health System is making a $10,000 contribution to Caledonia Ambulance,” Rein said. “To help replace the Life Support Monitors in their vehicles.”

“These are our AEDs, and multifunctional patient care devices. The ones we have now will be obsolete and non serviceable within a year or two,” Tornstrom said. “The Mayo Clinic Health System donation will go towards this purchase.”

These two organizations work together to serve the Caledonia area community.

“We are pleased to work with Mayo Health Systems and we work well together,” Tornstrom said. “We are partners in providing patient care and transportation. Approximately 65 percent of our patients when transported go to the Mayo Clinic in La Crosse.”

“We appreciate the service so much,” Rein said. “They are a group of amazing people. It is important for us to provide resources locally to continue to work together.”

There is even some staff overlap between the Mayo Clinic and the ambulance department.

“Four of the Mayo Clinic Health System employees volunteer their time on the ambulance crew,” stated in a press release from the Mayo Clinic Health System.

Those volunteers are Megan Bulman, Susan Felten, Joannie Schmidt, and Cody Zehnder.

“So a special thank you guys who are helping our patients within our walls and outside as well,” Rein said.

The Mayo Health System’s support is evident in the donation to the Caledonia Ambulance Department.

“Our commitment to the health of our patients, coworkers, families, and neighbors extend beyond the walls of our facilities,” Rein said. “Caledonia ambulance services responds to approximately 400 calls annually. Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful support and care that you give to our community.”

“One of their (Mayo Health Systems) primary values is the needs of the patient come first,” Tornstrom said. “So, our two mission statements and values work hand in hand.”

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