To the Editor:

Being new to “city life” I‘ve seen and been involved in some new things.

Some good some not so good.

One of them was being invited in participating in the 7th grade pen pal gig that I guess has been going on for many years!

Since the beginning of the year I have been corresponding with SkullTrooper! What great fun it was for this senior citizen and old lady to receive and read the correspondence! Imagine my delight in getting a letter from SkullTrooper rather than something like bills, solicitation or the occasional IRS letter.

This week was the meet and greet at the high school. The teacher that organized this should be commended. The way it was set up, followed through on and processed was not only great fun for the participants but what a learning experience for these students.

I heard it through the twisted and tangled grapevine that this was the last year! Say it isn’t so!!?

Janelle Fielding Roher (sp) is retiring and this program with her?

I hope her replacement and Mr. MEYER keeps this going.

It was great meeting and chatting with SkullTrooper about the pros and cons of school, teachers, parents, friends, movies, and so much more at the meet and greet.

Let’s keep this educational and fun learning experience going please.

Thank you Janelle, Mr MEYER and all the students that participated in this.

A special thanks to SkullTrooper from the Queen of Mean.

I appreciate hearing what you do in school and sports and your opinions! They matter!

Teachers have such an impact on these kids!

Kudos to all the fine staff that teach and nurture these young minds.

Danielle R. Burg

Caledonia, Minnesota

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