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Presenter Arn Kind in authentic doughboy attire.

Presenter Mr. Arn Kind, a teacher of 42 years, will come in the authentic uniform of an American Doughboy  to teach us about “the war to end all wars.”

2017 was the 100th anniversary of the America’s entry into the Great War, now known as World War I and 2018 was the centennial of the end of that war.  To commemorate it, Historical Experiences presents MINNESOTA IN THE GREAT WAR, an exciting living history program that will entertain us while we learn all about the first modern war.

This presentation is a wonderful way to commemorate the contributions and sacrifices made by Minnesotans during World War I. The Great War is often called the forgotten war because people know so little about it as compared to World War 2 and America’s other conflicts.  MINNESOTA IN THE GREAT WAR will enlighten us and cause us to come away from the program realizing what an epic event it was and how it set the stage for many important events that would follow in the 20th and 21st century.

This multimedia presentation will use power-point, video, music, drama, role-playing and living history experiences, to give us an understanding of this turbulent time and make history come alive for us.

One of the reasons Mr. Kind’s presentation really makes this history come alive for his audiences is because of his realistic and colorful portrayal of the people who participated in these events.  Another reason is because of the maps, posters, clothing and artifacts he brings and displays for his audience to see. In order to display and use these artifacts in his presentation, he makes sure that everything he brings in has been made safe.  Weapons of the war have been made safe to show. To portray a Doughboy from the war, Mr. Kind will appear in uniform in order to act out some of these events showing some of the arms used during the conflict. Mr. Kind, of course, does not bring any gunpowder or any other combustibles into the schools or libraries where he presents.   So the arms cannot be loaded and are perfectly safe. 

We are looking forward to Mr. Kind’s presentation as a wonderful and unique way of learning about this interesting period in the history of our nation and our world.

The Staff of Hokah Public Library

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