Eric Leitzen, a substitute teacher and local tourism advocate, had committed to running for the Minnesota State Senate in District 28, a seat currently held by Republican Jeremy Miller. Mr. Leitzen is endorsed by the Minnesota Green Party, and is running on twin campaign promises to “Soak The Rich” and “Get Your Money Back.”

“For almost fifty years now, we have seen more and more money go to the top while productivity and efficiency go up,” Leitzen says, “You are working harder, and better, for less and less money, while the rich have bought and paid for a system that leads them to disgustingly huge amounts of wealth, all while asking you and yours to pick up the tab. We’re not taking money from the ultra-rich, we’re just asking for our money back. This is back pay, essentially.”

Leitzen supports new and higher taxes on the richest Minnesotans, with that money being returned to the working class through higher wages and increased investment in local small towns. Leitzen frequently evokes the populist image of past Farmer-Labor politicians in Minnesota history who likewise worked to eliminate inequality during times of crisis.

“If you’re living in a big house on a hill, I don’t care if you paint yourself red or blue. The only color I care about is green, and there’s too much of it in one place.”

Leitzen is entering the race as a challenge to DFL and GOP candidates from Winona. “We’re looking at a race between two people who literally grew up in the same well to-do neighborhood,” Leitzen said recently, “This looks like an election for a Lord or Lady, not a people’s representative. We need a candidate to represent the regular working person in the district outside of the city.”

Leitzen graduated from Mabel-Canton High in 2003 and served as Hokah City Clerk from 2015-2019. He currently serves as the President of the Board of Historic Bluff Country, a regional tourism authority. His campaign information can be found at or on Facebook & Twitter at /ericleitzen.

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