Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed in people with prediabetes when they make simple changes to increase physical activity and lose weight.  

The I CAN Prevent Diabetes program provides tools for adults to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes: A four-month core phase with weekly sessions and an eight-month post-core phase with monthly sessions.

Instruction on diabetes prevention focusing on nutrition and physical activity. 

Goal-setting around physical activity, food selection and intake, and other behaviors.

Personalized guidance and coaching from trained instructors.  Quote from a current participant in a diabetes prevention course: “Due to my age, weight, and activity level, my odds of getting diabetes were increasing. I enrolled in the yearlong I CAN Prevent Diabetes course where three lifestyle coaches each added their own expertise, ideas, and personal tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We discussed new recipes, managing stress and thoughts, fun activities, staying motivated and healthy nutrition. I especially enjoyed the “Smoothie” recipe and physical activity ideas (dances on you tube). Our well prepared instructors made for a great Zoom classroom experience and were available for extra coaching if we felt the need. I’m thrilled with my progress towards a healthier lifestyle, feel energetic, healthier, and am down 24 lbs. I strongly recommend anyone wanting to take steps to improve their health to consider participating in this course.  Grateful for this course”

Join the next course via zoom with Lifestyle Coaches around the state.  Classes start on February 17th and will be offered in Spanish and English.

To register for the next course, please contact Kanko Akakpovi at 507-330-2017 or kakakpov@umn.edu for classes in English

Or   Maria-Conchita Paez-Sievert at 507-360-5048 or mpaezsie@umn.edu for Classes in Spanish.

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