Spring Grove 2030 committee

The Spring Grove 2030 committee works with people from Spring Grove on future needs and values for the town. 

The Spring Grove 2030 committee held its first series of community workshops on Wed, July 14, with a total of 60 people in attendance. The three workshops held throughout the day provided an opportunity for community members to discuss the town’s current assets and ideas for development as Spring Grove looks to the future.

The community engagement process is being led by design and planning firm RSP Architects, which will hold two more community workshop days on August 16 and September 16. Each workshop will build off the previous ones, so attendees are encouraged to return to the subsequent workshops and new attendees are also welcome to join even if they couldn’t make it to the first session.

Spring Grove 2030 is an initiative led by a group of volunteers representing the school, local government, businesses, faith communities, nonprofit organizations, and more. Spring Grove 2030 is working with the community to look at big questions for community planning, such as

What does Spring Grove look like in 2030? 

How can we make downtown even more vibrant? 

What will the school and community need to best serve its students and attract more families to live here? 

How can we create more places for neighbors, businesses, students, and the community to connect with each other?

When the process concludes in October 2021, RSP Architects will present the community with its findings, including renderings for new spaces, etc. that will help meet the needs of the citizens, students, businesses, and organizations of Spring Grove.

In addition to the workshops, there will also be a series of surveys and local outreach performed. To learn more about Spring Grove 2030, complete the survey, or register for an upcoming workshop, visit springgrovemn.com/spring-grove-2030 or contact Spring Grove 2030 Chair Saundra Solum at saundra.solum@wisc.edu or 507-498-5882.

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