Birthday wishes to Nicole Ellis on Sept. 22; Gary Wiemerslage on Sept. 23; Adam Guberud and Robert Ellis on Sept. 24; Corey Strinmoen, Vicky Kurk, Joshua Doely and Josh Vatland on Sept. 25; Susan Spinden and Briana Meyer on Sept. 26; Deborah Engen, Jonathan Engen, Robert Engen and Jonah Wohlert on Sept. 27; Judy Fruechte, Stacy Meyer and Leah Myhre on Sept. 28.

Wedding anniversary greetings are extended to Ben and Laura Thorson, 21 years on Sept. 22; Mark and Dianne (Stoltz) Gerard, 50 years, Pat and Beth (Ellingson) Pederson, 33 years, Todd and Patty (Bauer) Olerud, 29 years on Sept. 23; Ryan and Jessica (Wiestner) Huberty, 6 years on Sept. 24; Kaare and Karen (Ferrian) Sanness, 29 years on Sept. 25; Carol Ann Burtness and LeRoy Williams, 7 years on Sept. 26; Shane and Jessica (Wynn) Halverson, 19 years and Kyle and Megan (Kingsley) Buxengard, 8 years on Sept. 27.

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