By Jan Lee Buxengard

Special to the Caledonia Argus

My how time has flown! It was early January 1980 (41 years ago) that I took on writing the Wilmington News column when Anna Sanness decided to retire after about 35 years as a faithful correspondent. My goal then was to match the number of years Anna wrote for the Spring Grove Herald and Caledonia Argus. 

The latter part of March 2020, the Spring Grove Herald and Bluff Country Reader were sold to the Fillmore County Journal, and that publication was not interested in publishing neighborhood news columns. From then on, the column continues exclusively in the Argus. 

I am grateful to all who have contributed through the years. It is with your help, and the blessings of the newspaper editor, that I have been able to continue this column.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, news for this column has been scarce because restrictions have put a damper on events and the gatherings of people.  There’s not much happening and people are staying home.

This is YOUR news column, encompassing the Wilmington township area. I appreciate the input of those who continue to provide news items and strongly encourage more of you to partake in making the column interesting and informative. Please contact me with your family news, events, births, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, deaths, church, local government, 4-H news, etc. 

Call me at home 507-498-3461, mail to 21465 Southview Rd., Spring Grove, Minn. 55974, or email I submit the column to the Argus on Sunday, late afternoon or early evening.

Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for ALL of us.

Birthday wishes to Naomi Myhre on Jan. 10; Carlie Halverson and Addison Halverson on Jan. 11; Janice Doely, Andrew Engen and Jaxon Strinmoen on Jan. 12; Samantha Engen on Jan. 13; Rhonda Morken on Jan. 14; and Trisha Oviatt on Jan. 15.

Wedding anniversary greetings are to extended to Rodney and Brenda (Meyer) Weiss, 22 years on January 15.            

Please let me know about your holiday comings and goings, so I can make this column more interesting for the readers. Thanks! 

Please continue to wear a face covering, practice social distancing and be safe when gathering with others. 

Wilmington Lutheran Church news: 

Sun., January 10 – At the deadline time to submit news for this column, nothing had been lined up yet for a worship service. Please watch for announcements on Wilmington Lutheran Church MN on Facebook, an email from the council president, or a phone call to those who do not have access to this technology. 

Because of the uncertainty of week-to-week worship services due to availability of supply pastors, Wilmington Church announcements will be included with Immanuel Church’s announcements during their weekly worship services aired on Facebook Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. @ImmanuelCaledonia, and on their website. And, also on Wilmington Lutheran Church MN Facebook site and the Wilmington News column in the Caledonia Argus.

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