Birthday wishes to Jamie Kapplinger on Aug. 4; David Graf and Sarah Amundson-VanBenCoten on Aug. 5; Kenneth Anderson on Aug. 6; Lennox Pearson on Aug. 7; Robert Burtness on Aug. 9; Steve Selness, Mavis Cleven, Theresa Zieman and Ty Cleven on Aug. 10.

Wedding anniversary greetings are extended to Kipp Otterness and Danae Anderson, 21 years on Aug. 4; Keith and Char (Betz) Meiners, 35 years and Brian and Nicole Friemann, 23 years on Aug. 7; Vernon and Naomi (Radman) Fruechte, 58 years on Aug. 8; Brandon and Nicole Brevig, 25 years on Aug. 9; Fordyce and Marge (Treangen) Brevig, 53 years and Dwight and Sandy Privet, 38 years on Aug. 10.

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