Submitted by Mark Buttell

Houston County Ring and Run

As with most organizations it has been very difficult to fulfill some of our fundraising goals and meeting functions. However, we were blessed in 2019 to have the available funds to make 2020 a HUGE success. 

It’s the committee members and communities within our Houston County that make this thing tick.We have for the most part wrapped up 2020 with providing cheer to well over 40 families or individuals. 

I believe that each recipient was well warranted and it continues to bring us back to reality when you contemplate on the struggles, loss and battles that we overlook. 

With this pandemic I think it has brought a deterioration of the mind and spirit of for sure the elderly especially as of late. 

One of our smallests gifts I think this community gave was a carnation to each individual within our Nursing Home’s and Memory cares. This was to show that our communities are thinking of them knowing they are not able to see their loved ones and to at least brighten their day even for a moment in time. They needed a boost and it was a small appreciation for them. 

We were able to knock on over 40 doors this year in our communities and the best part about this year was the inclusiveness of every city much so more than before. 

However, we are still looking for some committee representation from Eitzen, Houston and La Crescent. 

As far as 2021 we are hoping to proceed with a 5k Run Walk in June along with a BBQ feast. We are drumming up ideas in La Crescent and Spring Grove but will certainly look to be in the local parades if possible. 

We continue to have an open account for donations at any Merchants bank all year long and we of course were blessed throughout the year receiving funds from individuals and organizations. 

We encourage folks to utilize the Care and Share program as well as Semcac and Social Services as they are strong advocates for many folks in Houston County. 

Ring and Run has a different mission than those organizations but one that certainly hits home when we knock on those doors that need the cheer the most. 

We are so appreciative of the support and the understanding of our mission by our Houston County Folks. 

Please look for our upcoming fundraising events on FB coming up mid year and our signature stories throughout the years will give you a clear reason of why we continue our mission.

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