By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

Community members and eager youngsters waiting to break the new playground in turned out on Sunday, July 21 for the dedication ceremony of the new community playground in Houston.

Following a community effort where many in Houston pitched in with fund raising and working to build the new playground, Sunday was a chance to celebrate.

“We might be little, but we’ve got big hearts,” said council member Tony Schultz.

The class of 1966, known for their crazy “Route 66 themed bus during Hoedown days led the efforts to building the playground.

“We wanted something that we could leave as part of the community forever,” said project coordinator Bruce Vanderohe. 

The playground features an “all abilities” swing which was made possible thanks to a grant from Acentek.

“We’re proud to be part of the Houston community,” said CEO Todd Roesler who noted that Acentek, who are headquartered in Houston, are the 45th largest telecommunications company in the nation.

The park even features a device for adults who join their youngsters to get a work out in.

Some 800 fence posts are engraved with the names of contributors who helped make the park possible.

The people who constructed the playground portions of the project noted that you don’t see a playground this large in a community the size of Houston typically.

“We were told by the playground designers that it is rare for them to see a playground of this size and scope to be successfully built in a community as small as Houston…but after 2+ years of hard work, perseverance and belief in the project, we made it,” said Audrey Hegland who wrote many of the grants that helped make the project a reality.

“So many people to thank,” said Schultz proudly. “This will be something the community can treasure for years and years to come.”

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