By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

The Minnesota State High School League board of directors considered several proposals at their meeting on June 3 for consideration to implement for the upcoming season.

A proposal to implement a shot clock in basketball was voted down 13-5 because of the cost of implementing such a rule for many of the smaller districts in the state.

The shot clock is something that many coaches have advocated for and would like to see the high school game implement.

Said one former head boys coach “It would help prepare these players better for what they’ll see at the next level and make the games more competitive.”

Cost estimates put installing a shot-clock in the thousands of dollars something many schools are unable to handle at this time.

The measure will come up again to be sure.


The board considered and approved policy language which will impact the wrestling programs across the state.

Wrestling, participants --- Approved a motion to enter into Board Policy the current approved practice that allows a wrestling team to enter more than one wrestler at a specific weight in an individual regular-season tournament if byes exist. The additional wrestlers would help fill the open spots that currently exist in individual tournaments.

Wrestling scrimmages --- Approved a motion to allow a policy exception to the scrimmage bylaw which would allow programs with 20 or fewer participants to participate in up to two scrimmages per week.


The soccer programs across the state may see the biggest changes as three classes were formed.

The language at the MSHSL meeting is as follows:

Soccer --- Approved a proposal to change the format to a three-class tournament. Classes will be divided as follows: Class AAA (64 largest schools); Class AA 64 next largest schools); Class A (All remaining schools).

“This is huge for us,” said head boys soccer coach Daniel McGonigle. “We faced a murders row of schools like Austin, Northfield and Rochester Lourdes who have far greater resources for their programs than the smaller schools do. If we want to grow the sport I think this competitive balance is a great way to start.”

Volleyball also approved a four class format. The language is as follows:

Volleyball --- Approved a proposal to change the format to a four-class tournament. Classes divided as follows: Class AAAA (64 largest schools); Class AAA (Next 64 largest schools); Class AA (Next 128 largest schools); Class A (All remaining schools).

Cross country went to a three -class, eight section format as well.

At the meeting the board approved participation in the WHSFA for La Crescent-Hokah High School Forensics Team. 

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