Minnesota State Senator Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) has introduced two bills aimed at providing needed assistance to the community of Spring Grove, which was ravaged by a large fire in December. The fire, which burned for more than 7 hours, caused extensive damage: six apartments and MulQueen's True Value Hardware store were destroyed. The fire was so bad it caused Highway 44 to be shut down. Eleven people were displaced from their homes, at a time when there is already a housing shortage in Spring Grove.

"The December fire that occurred in Spring Grove was devastating for the community," Miller said. "It is especially heart-wrenching to think about the families who lost everything that night. The community has been through a lot, but I am committed to doing everything I can to help Spring Grove recover and rebuild. While these bills won’t bring back lost livelihoods, if passed, they should make the rebuilding process at least a little bit easier.”

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