By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

In response to an editorial published by the Caledonia Argus in the June 12 issue, board chairman Kelley McGraw threw his full support behind superintendent Craig Ihrke.

The editorial, which was critical of the process of hiring our next MS/HS principal, led McGraw to make the statements during his board presentation.

“As I reflect upon the, I’ll call it ‘drama’ most families, friends, relatives, don’t always agree but you find a way to work through it. That being said, Mr. Ihrke I have full confidence in the process you used and I want to go on the record saying that.”

“I want to echo what Kelley said,” board member Spence Yohe added. “I sent you a card to your house, two cards actually. I’ve known your family for 50 years.”

Following the comments, the board meeting was closed for evaluation of the superintendent.

Other news

• The board will look at working with a collection agency to secure past due lunch balances.

The district loses a substantial amount of money in overdue lunch balances and to date lunchroom supervisor Rita McCormick is the only person spearheading collection efforts.

The board will hear a presentation on the topic at their July meeting.

• Milk, bread and gas prices were locked in for the upcoming school year as is custom during the June board meeting.

• Nathan Boler was approved as the new Middle/high school  principal at a starting salary of $89,700.

• Several assistant coaches submitted their resignations. Andrew Marschall, boys soccer, Madison Zehnder, girls soccer, Travis Frank, 7th grade football.

• Brittany Hayes resigned as the mental health practitioner.

McGraw indicated that following the hiring of a replacement, he’d like to see how well the position is working.

“It’s working,” said outgoing elementary principal Gina Meinertz. “We had significant behavior improvements by the students that it served.”

The board agreed, on Meinertz request, that the position be changed to a behavioral intervention teacher beginning with the 2019-20 school year.

The board voted to add an additional no fewer than 10 and no greater than 20 contract days for continued summer supports of the services the position will provide.

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