Pioneer Seed Dealers

Nikki Meyer and Brad Hoscheit are both Pioneer Seeds dealers. Meyer (who serves Iowa customers) is now building a new warehouse/office in Eitzen, and Hoscheit (whose territory is in Minnesota) will lease space at the facility.

By Craig Moorhead

The Caledonia Argus

For travelers headed north, the City of Eitzen is where Minnesota begins. Nestled just above the border with Iowa, residents often have a foot in each State. 

The community is a busy place in 2019. Not only are local folks and visitors alike looking forward to the annual Eitzen 4th of July celebration (one of the best in the region), there are also numerous projects taking place across town.

“In Eitzen the residents are waiting for paving work to begin on Main Street (County #2) and repaving of Portland Avenue,” city clerk Steve Schuldt reported last week. “Work is not likely to begin before July 4th. Currently the city’s 100,000 gallon water supply reservoir is also being cleaned, repaired and re-lined. The reservoir should be ready to be refilled by July 4th.

“Work on the new playground structure at the Eitzen Community Center and Park is nearing completion. When completed the project will have approximately $78,000.00 invested with no tax dollars spent. The project is funded completely from grants and donations plus there are many, many hours of volunteer labor invested in site preparation, landscaping and assembly of the amenities.”

Planning and fund raising for the playground project began in early 2016, Schuldt added. Eitzen Lions, Fire Department members, and lots of ordinary citizens freely donated their time to the effort to bring the new playground structures to town.

In business news, Nikki Meyer, a Pioneer Seeds dealer for northern Iowa, is building a new warehouse/office on the south end of Eitzen, just a short distance from the Iowa border. Local businessman Brad Hoscheit will be leasing space at the facility. His Pioneer Seeds dealership serves southern Minnesota.

Nikki said that the building will measure 60 x 120 feet with 18 foot ceilings. Both she and Brad said that Eitzen is a good place for business people to put down roots. 

“It’s kind of in our back yard, for both of us,” Meyer said. “We like being here in a smaller community... Everyone has been real good to work with, and it’s just been a great experience. 

Hoscheit agreed: “It’s a small community and it seems like everybody comes together when anybody needs help,” he noted. 

The new business facility is expected to be ready to accept seed deliveries in October or November, 2019. 

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