By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

Meagan Hauser wanted “Haus of Hair” to be a different experience for her clients.

Gone are the waiting rooms filled with people waiting to get their appointment in. Gone too are the harsh chemicals found in many hair care products.

In its place is a schedule that meets the needs of today’s busy customers.

In its place are a fully organic line of hair care products meant to leave your hair looking and feeling its best.

“We didn’t want the busy,” said Hauser of her salon. “We schedule in such a way that there is very rarely a wait.”

And the customers appreciate that.

“It is a total one-on-one experience,” Hauser said.

Product lines

Haus of Hair offers a line of organic and vegan skin and hair care products.

Organic is fast becoming an industry trend and Hauser is one of the few salons who are on the front line of the movement towards a more green you.

“All of the lines I carry are organic, many of them are hand made,” said Hauser. “The essential oils are plant based.”

Nicole (Mack) Anderson is one of the lines she carries.

The Caledonia native and proprietor of “Urban Organics” sells her line of Reiki, aromatherpay and vegan beauty products.

You can learn more at

Hauser’s cousin, Kristina, is the spokesmodel for the company.

Hauser also offers CVB oil treatments, topical ointments that are plant based and several other care products.

“It’s a total new vibe,” said the proud Hauser of her overall wellness salon.

Future expansion plans include a massage therapist and esthetician.

The journey

Hauser, who had worked at a salon in Iowa for eight years, always had her customers tell her she should open her own place.

“This is my vision,” she said of “Haus of Hair.”

From its rustic, reclaimed metal walls, to mirrors hung by old rusty chains, Meagan would draw out just how she wanted things to look then Kristina, who owns the building, and her boyfriend Michael, would turn the vision into reality.

“We restored the whole entire place,” she said.

The pair documented their efforts on Facebook from start to finish.

“We first started the work on January 16th,” recalls Hauser. “I had my first appointment on March 31.”

While the vibe and the store is constantly evolving, the vision remains the same...a salon experience unlike any other.

Appreciative of the support

As a neighbor of the Caledonia Argus (211 S. Kingston is where Haus of Hair is located, right next to the building the Argus now occupies), one can’t help but notice the numerous Iowa plates parked in front of Haus of Hair.

“I’ve appreciated all of the support,” said Hauser. “From my clients, to all of my family from the moment we opened, it’s been overwhelming.”

Hauser has taken on an additional stylist in Jacey Anderson.

Together the pair have had more clients than there is time.

“I knew what I wanted as an owner,” said Hauser of her vision. “I want it to be a place where our clients can relax, get more of that one-on-one attention and learn about the advantages of organic products.”

As customer after customer can attest, Hauser’s vision has been turned into a reality.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Haus of Hair, you can reach them directly at 507-725-2020 or via cell at 507-500-0968. You can also follow them on Facebook at hausofhairmn or on Instagram at meaganjoo.

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