By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

A report was circulated on Facebook on Wednesday night indicting that an attempted kidnapping had taken place.

People reacted with the requisite anger, fear and caution as folks began sharing their own stories of the vehicle which was reported to have been used by the culprit.

Well, while the vigilance was important, turns out the matter was a false alarm.

“The Police Department would like you to know, that we are aware of a recent Facebook post, which has been shared many times amongst local residents, regarding what initially appeared to be a possible attempted child abduction situation,” said the Caledonia police department in a subsequent posting. “The involved parties reported the incident right away. A few hours later, the Police Department received information which identified the individuals involved and Officer Pearson was able to track them down to speak with them. This was NOT an attempted abduction and there is NO DANGER to the public. It was a misunderstanding and the individuals involved were spoken to. We thank all those who shared concern over this and want to remind everyone to please call us if you see something suspicious.”

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