By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

The “elementary motto” for the upcoming school year is “Don’t worry, be happy.”

“This will be the motto of our elementary school this year,” said elementary principal Sue Link. “Happy” is the acronym for Healthy, Academic, Positive, People, Yearlong.”

“The focus will be to promote emotional, physical, and social health throughout the school year,” she said. “Students today, more than ever, have stresses and challenges that they encounter such as emphasis on standardized testing, exposure to media, heightened safety issues, social media influences, adverse childhood experiences, and bullying to name a few. Giving students the skills to navigate the stresses and challenges in life will help to develop coping skills and to build resilience. As a result, students will be better able to focus on academics and become engaged in their learning.”

Link said she has welcomed several new students to the district for this upcoming school year as well.

“We have several new students coming to the elementary this fall,” she said. “It’s been fun to give tours and showcase our school. Some of our new students and families have eaten lunch at our school this summer which gives new students a chance to become familiar with our lunchroom.”

Resignations, new hires

The Caledonia area school board accepted several resignations and made several personnel hires during their regular August meeting.

The meeting, held in Brownsville, ends the summer meetings held in the outlying communities.


• Nicole Ott resigned as the student services secretary after six years.

• Jessica Sherburne resigned as the part-time nurse and Suzanne Sivertson resigned as the part-time elementary art teacher after four years of service to the district.

The board also approved and updated several school policies.

In addition, the board adopted a resolution of post-issuance debt compliance policy for tax exempt and tax advantaged governmental bonds.

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