Greg Hoscheit demonstrates PEMF Therapy on the new machine at Lifestyle Fitness & Wellness. The therapy is very prominent in Europe. A demonstration is being planned for Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 5:30 p.m. at Lifestyle Fitness & Wellness. Hoscheit, Melissa Hanson (pictured) and Eddie Hodges will conduct a demonstration of PEMF Therapy Benefits for those in attendance.

By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

Research continues to suggest that healthy cells are the foundation to good health. It is with this in mind that Lifestyle Fitness & Wellness has added PEMF Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy to their overall health and wellness model.

“It goes with what we’re all about here,” said Hoscheit of the machine. “It’s no different than an exercise machine in our fitness center. The only difference is that is exercises at the cellular level.”

The addition of the PEMF machine gives people access to the type of therapies that are only found in larger metropolitan areas.

“We’re one of just a few places in the state of Minnesota,” Hoscheit said of offering access to the technology in a commercial capacity. 

PEMF is used to help people enhance their overall energy and wellness.

Clients are using to to help manage lyme’s disease, parkinsons, arthritis flare ups, neuropathy, etc...

Anxiety, depression, fatigue, joint pain, are some of the other things that may also benefit from treatments via the PEMF.

“It varies from person to person,” noted Hoscheit. “I might heal from an injury very different from a 22 year old and the same is true here.”

But for aches and pains the PEMF can help alleviate the pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate tissue healing, strengthen bones, relieve injury and fatigue, reduce stress, increase relaxation and can even help regulate sleep patterns.

“People spend an hour on the bed and they’re snoring 20 minutes in,” said Hoscheit. “And you often wake up refreshed like you just got the best nights sleep possible.”

How it works

“The earth lets off electromagnetic pulses,” Hoscheit notes. “People will walk barefoot in the grass in order to get the benefits from the earth. Essentially, this is a more focused version of the earth’s natural magnetic fields.”

Pain and discomfort are signs of cellular imbalance and disease.

Nikola Tesla was the first to demonstrate the healing principals of electromagnetic fields and his research evolved into the therapies used by the PEMF machine.

“It is worldwide,” said Hoscheit. “It has been a standard therapy in Europe for decades.”

As it becomes more known here stateside, the therapies are becoming more and more beneficial.

It is said that with healthy cell systems, the body can heal anything.

Hoscheit, along with Eddie Hodges and Melissa Hanson, did extensive research of the product and its benefits before purchasing the machine.

“We wanted to go to a smaller community like ours so we found a chiropractor in Ohio who has a machine as part of his practice,” Hoscheit said. “He began by using it in his home and overtime saw the benefits and brought it into his practice.”

Demonstration planned

Hoscheit invites you to come see for yourself the benefits of PEMF.

This reporter spent about 15 minutes on the machine and the back pain, that had been bothering me for about a month, feels the best it has in several weeks time.

Eddie Hodges, has been trained on the machine and will help with the demonstration and answer any questions you might have about its benefits.

“Melissa and I have gone through phase one and phase two,” Hoscheit said. “Eddie has been trained to be certified on the machine to train us the additional steps.”

The demonstration will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 5:30 p.m. at Lifestyle Fitness & Wellness.

If you’d like to see for yourself the benefits of PEMF and can’t make it on the 18th, give Melissa a call and she’d be happy to get you additional information.

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