Jim Welscher

By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

Jim Welscher of Caledonia died on Wednesday, July 24 from injuries sustained in a farm accident.

“We initially got the call of ‘unable to locate’ an individual,” said Houston County sheriff Mark Inglett.

As emergency officials made their way to the location, family verified that Welscher was in a grain bin as was feared when the initial call went out at 10:54 a.m.

“When the family and other workers determined that it has to be where he was we started extraction efforts right away,” said Inglett. “Unfortunately we weren’t able to save him.”

The bin was unloaded by hand and it was confirmed that Welscher had indeed fallen into the bin by accident.

“It’s a tragic event,” said Inglett.

“I think when the extension office is talking about grain bin safety it’s unrealistic to think that the use of a harness and strap is always being used,” said Extension officer Michael Cruse. “First and foremost when your going into a confined space, always let someone know, at a minimum. If you need to get in to remove a bridge, use a long pole and be on the outside until it comes down.”

Assisting the Houston County Sheriff’s office were the Caledonia police department and Caledonia fire department.

Jim is survived by his wife Elaine and his five children.

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