“Why do I need to know this?” is a frequently asked question by students. Educators in the Bluff Country Collaborative are taking this question head-on. Focusing on career-connected learning, educators are helping students see the direct connection between classroom learning and future careers. From deepening classroom content to hosting school-wide Dream Job events, careers are front and center in the Bluff Country Collaborative.

In Karen Tisthammer‘s welding class, Spring Grove students are learning to weld up to industry standards. Welds produced by students will be evaluated and tested at LaX Fabrication. Rick Ronan, General Manager, is coordinating with Tisthammer on specific welds and giving students feedback. Students will also visit LaX Fabrication for a tour and invitation for a work experience during the semester. After passing each of the assigned welds, students will demonstrate their skill at LaX Fabrication and be awarded an in-house welding certificate. This certificate is an annual test for regular employees and students will be able to use it as credentials for employment.

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