Robo mower

For about the cost of a typical riding mower, you can leave the mowing up to technology and take back your weekends. Pictured is Nathan Rask of Ken’s Small Engines with the Husqvarna robotic mower. To his left is the trenching device that is used to draw the border where the mower does its work. 

By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

Want to take back your Sundays?

Busy moms and dads don’t have time to run to the gas station, fill up your five gallon gas can, head back home, make sure the oil levels are right in your lawn mower and in the case of a pull start push mower, pull and pull and pull and pull hoping that it will start and to do so will only take you an hour in the hot July Minnesota sun.

Instead of all that, stop by Ken’s Small Engines and check out their Husqvarna Automowers.

“It’s simple installation,” said Nathan Rask, owner of Ken’s Small Engines. “You just put a wire in the ground on the perimeter of your yard and the mower does the work everyday for you.”

Set up is easy and Ken’s staff offer the service.

“Ninety percent of the ones we’ve sold we’ve installed,” he said.

The quiet mowers cut each day. They are designed to handle the heat and the rain.

“People are getting busier and busier,” said Rask. “I have yet to have a complaint. People are looking to get back their free time.”

The units, which come with a base charger that the mowers return to after each daily time out, cost about the same as a rider mower would.

“Without all of the repairs,” joked Rask.

The blades start out as sharp as razor blades and the mowers that Rask carries are “designed to handle about an-acre-and-a-quarter.”

They are designed to navigate tough terrain and can handle complex cuts, “very, very well.”

The technology has been around longer than the popular Roomba vacuums found in so many homes.

“They started 10 years before Roomba’s,” said Rask. “They’ve been around for 30 years or so. They’re very popular in Europe as the Europeans are more consciensous about emissions.”

For those eco-conscious shoppers, the mowers are non-polluting and offer many other benefits to traditional mowers.

“They are designed to detect pets and kids,” said Rask. “They are designed with safety in mind and keep a child from getting hurt or a pet.”

The mowers operate with GPS and are detectable via an app on your smartphone.

“But for people who aren’t real tech savvy, they are basically plug and play set up,” Rask noted. “I’ve sold a lot more this year than I did last year which was our first year offering them.”

The devices are perfect for older homeowners who find it harder to perform the work.

Rask also said that today’s first time home buyers are also more tech savvy and value their time.

“We’re seeing the mowers really being popular with them as well,” Rask said. 

If you’d like to see one in action stop up to Ken’s Small Engines. They are located at 126 Bissen St. Caledonia.

Or give him a call at 507-725-5000.

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