Dane Wolf

A Caledonia native, award-winning scientist Dane Wolf is now conducting cutting-edge research.

Dane Wolf, son of Caledonia attorney Gregory Schultz, has been recognized with a Postdoctoral Fellowship Award from the European Molecular Biology Organization. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, more than 1,800 scientists are members of EMBO, an organization which promotes research in life sciences and international exchange between researchers.

A Caledonia native, Wolf graduated from La Crosse Aquinas High School. He now lives in the United Kingdom, where he works at the University of Cambridge. 

“I’m using super-resolution microscopy to study mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA),” Wolf told the Caledonia Argus. “Mitochondria typically maintain hundreds to thousands of copies of their own genome in each of our cells. The mitochondrial genome encodes 13 essential proteins that are part of the molecular machinery for converting the food that we eat and the oxygen that we breathe into the chemical energy (ATP) that we need to function. Mutations in mtDNA are associated with many diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and even aging itself. I am trying to understand how mtDNA is copied, distributed, and degraded, so that we can develop novel strategies for limiting the accumulation of mutant mitochondrial genomes.”

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