Garrett Waldenberger

Garrett Waldenberger has been in 4-H since kindergarten.

By Garret Waldenberger

Newhouse Norsemen 4-H

I’m Garrett Waldenberger and I have been a Newhouse Norsemen 4-H member for 9 years. 

I became a 4-H’er because my older sister was in 4-H but I also thought she had fun working on her projects so I wanted to join too when I was old enough. 

In my years in 4-H, I have been involved in many project areas – Cloverbuds, Day Camps, Dairy and Dairy Judging, Meat Goat, Shooting Sports and Wildlife, Flower Gardening, Vegetable Gardening, Child and Family Development, Crafts, Electric, Cake Decorating, Food Review, Forest Resources, Home Environment, Photography, Shop, Small Engines, Tractor and Wildlife Biology. 

My favorite projects are Dairy, Shop and Wildlife. They are my favorites because I enjoy going to dairy shows all over Minnesota and meeting dairy friends; I like working with tools to build things and learn new skills; and I really like being outdoors hunting, trapping and learning about wildlife.

My favorite thing about 4-H is there is a project area for everyone! No matter what your interest is, there is a project area for you! Every year, I try at least one new project area. This year, I tapped maple trees using the Maple Syrup kit from the Extension Office. I learned to cook down the sap into syrup and how to preserve it. 

The Extension Office has lots of kits to try something new. My family has borrowed the incubator kit and we hatched Bobwhite Quail. It’s great to learn new things!

One of my favorite 4-H memories was my first year to be eligible to go to the Minnesota State Fair. It was in 2019. I took my crossbred heifer, Cozy Valley Chocolate. She received a Purple Ribbon of Excellence and I was 7th place in Showmanship. I was even in the MN 4-H Dairy Showcase as a Rising Star. It was an exciting year and I enjoyed meeting more 4-H kids in the dairy project!

Since Houston County 4-H means so much to me and other Houston County 4-H’ers, it is important to have funding to keep this great program going. 

On Friday, July 16, from 4 to 7 pm, we are having a Steak Sandwich Fundraiser at the Houston County Fairground’s 4-H Foodstand. It is a drive thru/walk up/carry out event. Some seating is available. Tickets are available from 4-H Youth and at the door. 

The cost is $12 per meal and includes: steak sandwich, 2 sides and water or 4-H green pop. Gluten free sandwiches are available. All proceeds will help the Extension Office to offer “learning by doing” projects and events to Houston County 4-H Youth. We hope to see you there and thank you for your support! We appreciate it!

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