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I am, without a doubt, the funniest person I know.

There are some people in my circle who are a close second, but no one makes me laugh until I cry like I do.

Most of my jokes are pretty stupid and give off “dad joke” vibes, but in my opinion those are by far the best ones.

The best jokes, I’d say, are the ones where the joke teller can’t even get the punchline out without laughing. That automatically makes the joke funnier, even if you have no idea what the person just said. The same goes for when someone’s laugh is much funnier than the joke itself.

One time I watched my cat, Gil, fall off a dresser, and I laughed for several minutes before I could get out my joke: “Oh noooo, Mr. Gil!” — a reference to a 1970s “Saturday Night Live” bit. Per usual, my boyfriend did not find it as funny as I did.

A far-less-recent example was in college when my friend told me about how in seventh grade she wore a gorilla suit to school for Halloween, but no one else dressed up.

I had to excuse myself from the table over that one.

Unfortunately for people who know me, earning a laugh from me isn’t much of a challenge. Getting a laugh from me is like getting a “like” on your Facebook profile photo from your mom — it doesn’t mean that much, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.

But laughing is a good thing — after all, there are long- and short-term benefits to laughter.

Laughing helps manage stress and relieve tension. In other words, a hearty laugh can help you relax.

Long term, laughter can release “natural painkillers” that may ease pain, according to Mayo Clinic.

Laughing often and having positive thoughts can improve one’s immune system over time, which helps fight stress and serious illnesses — something we all need right about now.

One of my favorite Twitter threads of all time asks fellow users to reminiscence over a time they laughed so hard they cried, and the responses are golden. Please feel free to share with me your own instances.

I’ll leave you with my favorite response, which is from a user known as @jfruh, who wrote, “When i was a kid my dad and i were driving somewhere and my dad said real casually about another driver, ‘ugh, what’s this clown doing,’ like you would about a bad driver, but i looked over and there was a clown driving the car in full costume and makeup.”

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