An 18-year-old Minneapolis man faces first-degree aggravated robbery charges after a pizza delivery driver was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in Coon Rapids.

Jermaine Hardin allegedly robbed a 22-year-old Domino’s pizza delivery driver around 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5, at 12708 Flamingo St. NW, according to the criminal complaint.

The delivery driver told police he was robbed of $13 by an adult male when he arrived at the residence. The driver told police the robber had a gun and a there was a scarf covering his face, the charges say.

The victim told police the man and a boy went back into the home after the robbery took place. Officers entered the residence and detained the man the victim described as well as a juvenile, according to the complaint.

The boy told police he ordered pizza and went back into the house to get money to pay for it. He was upset with his cousin, Hardin, because Hardin approached the driver with an Airsoft gun, which he pointed at the driver, according to the complaint.

Officers observed cuts on the victim’s chin and neck.

Hardin was taken to the Anoka County Jail. He left a bloody paper towel in the police car, according to the complaint.

Hardin told police he and his cousin were pranking the delivery driver by “pretending to rob him,” according to the complaint. He told investigators he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a bandanna around his neck and carrying a black BB gun pistol.

Hardin said he walked up to the delivery driver and “pretended to rob him” and that the driver punched Hardin in the face, according to the charges.

Detectives found clothing and an Airsoft pistol in the residence that matched the victim’s descriptions.

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