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The Anoka-Hennepin drug task force found a suspected drug lab in Andover and reportedly seized more than 600 grams of the hallucinogenic drug dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.

Vincent Joseph Myslajek, 33, of Andover, is charged with felony first-degree controlled substance possession, felony possession of a firearm by an ineligible person and felony possession of a firearm without a serial number. Myslajek was convicted of second-degree burglary in 2015, and fifth-degree controlled substance possession in 2019, rendering him ineligible to own a firearm.

According to the criminal complaint, the task force executed a search warrant Feb. 26 at a home on 152nd Avenue Northwest, where Myslajek lives with his parents.

A trained K-9 allegedly found narcotics in Myslajek’s pickup truck at the residence, and police identified the substances as a can of toluene, a can of muriatic acid and other liquids. The task force suspected a methamphetamine lab, according to the complaint.

Law enforcement also seized a silver revolver and a silver handgun from the truck, according to the complaint.

Law enforcement allegedly found the following in a storage shed outside the home:

• Acetone in 1-gallon and 2-liter containers.

• 42.5 pounds of toluene, 4 pounds of muriatic acid.

• 4 pounds of sodium hydroxide.

• Clear plastic bags.

• Large jar with reddish-brown liquid and a label saying, “Wood bark 900 gr.”

• 10 gallons and two large plastic bags of a similar reddish-brown liquid.

Forensic testing showed the two plastic bags of reddish brown liquid were 600.18 grams of DMT, according to the complaint.

Law enforcement also found a .22-caliber firearm with the serial number filed off in what was confirmed to be Myslajek’s bedroom, the charges say.

A witness reportedly told police Myslajek had “nasty smelling stuff” in the shed on the property and that he was making DMT.

Another witness reportedly told police Myslajek gave her some DMT and it was a scary experience.

A warrant was issued for Myslajek July 2.

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