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A 32-year-old Brooklyn Park man is charged with firing a gun after robbing a victim who was trying to sell a pair of Air Jordans in Spring Lake Park.

Roderick Anthony Pierce faces one felony count of drive-by shooting and one felony count of first-degree aggravated robbery.

Spring Lake Park police responded to reports of shots fired on Oct. 6 in the 8200 block of Fifth Street, according to the criminal complaint.

The caller told officers she was in her house when she heard two gunshots and a vehicle speed off. Officers also received a second report of shots fired.

Officers went to a residence in the 8100 block of Fifth Street, where they met with two victims.

One victim told officers Pierce contacted him on Snapchat to sell Air Jordan shoes valued at $1,000. The victim told officers he knew Pierce because he was a regular where the victim worked.

Pierce reportedly met the victim in the garage and looked at the shoes and said he was going back to his vehicle for his money. Upon returning, Pierce allegedly grabbed the shoes and drew a handgun.

The victim attempted to grab the shoes back, but Pierce allegedly struck him with the handgun before returning to his vehicle.

During the confrontation, a second victim was in his bedroom when he heard the commotion and ran out to the front yard with a pocket knife and saw Pierce entering his vehicle, according to the charges.

Pierce allegedly put his car in reverse and fired one or two shots through the passenger window. Neither victim was struck, but officers located a defect in a wooden fence that may have been caused by a bullet, according to the complaint.

The homeowner told officers she overheard a commotion in the garage and when she went to see what was wrong heard gunshots and a vehicle speeding out of her driveway.

Police were able to confirm Pierce’s identity based on home surveillance footage, the charges say. Pierce was arrested Oct. 9.

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