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A 27-year-old Minneapolis man is charged with attacking a man during a road rage incident.

Gerard Morell Baptiste faces one felony count of second-degree assault and one felony count of third-degree assault.

On Jan. 20 law enforcement responded to a road-rage incident near the intersection of Crosstown Boulevard and Highway 65 in Ham Lake, according to the complaint.

At the scene officers spoke with the victim, who reported he had been driving and noticed n SUV tailgating him. The victim said he tapped his breaks to get the other vehicle to back up then tried to merge into the right lane.

The other driver reportedly attempted to merge as well and the two drivers made minor contact. The victim pulled over to check his bumper but allegedly saw the other driver, later identified as Baptiste, get out and walk up to his car.

Baptiste allegedly swung a long-handled ice scraper at the victim repeatedly until the scraper broke. Baptiste then reportedly left.

The victim had multiple lacerations and swelling and would require stitches or staples to close the largest laceration, the charges say.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing Baptiste attack the victim with an ice scraper then flee. The victim was able to identify Baptiste in a photo as his attacker, according to the complaint.

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