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A Lyft driver was allegedly robbed at knifepoint March 31 in Spring Lake Park after giving a ride to a woman who wouldn’t tell him where she wanted to go.

Amarea Maydata Oviedo Kelly, 20, is charged with felony first-degree aggravated robbery and gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to numerous calls March 31 around 8:03 p.m. to the intersection of 79th Avenue Northeast and Monroe Street Northeast in Spring Lake Park on report of a man screaming for help during a fight in progress.

When officers arrived, they reportedly saw a man and a woman, later identified as Kelly, in a fight on the sidewalk. One officer reported seeing a bloody face mask and a pocketknife on the ground nearby. Officers separated the two to take statements, according to the complaint.

Kelly told police the man involved was a Lyft driver who wouldn’t take her to the address she asked go to. The two got into a fight, she told police, because she needed to defend herself, according to the complaint.

Kelly claimed the driver choked her so she stabbed him with a pen as a defense mechanism, according to the complaint. She tried to call 911, but the driver wouldn’t let her, she told police.

She admitted to police that she had a knife but said she threw it in the front yard of a nearby residence and didn’t use it, according to the complaint.

The Lyft driver reportedly had blood on the back of his hand. He told police he picked Kelly up in his car, but she wouldn’t tell him where she wanted to go, according to the complaint.

He told police he stopped a few times before telling Kelly to leave his vehicle.

Kelly allegedly pulled a knife and held it to the driver’s throat, telling him to give her his wallet. The driver used his hand to protect himself, according to the complaint.

Kelly took the driver’s phone and exited the vehicle, he told police. The driver exited too, to get his phone back, which ended in a struggle between the two of them, according to the complaint.

Police reported the driver seemed very shaken up while retelling the incident.

When police told Kelly she was under arrest, she allegedly refused to get out of the squad car and told police she wasn’t under arrest and asked how she had robbed the driver, according to the complaint.

Two officers grabbed her arms to pull her out, but Kelly pushed her feet against the doorjamb to prevent officers from pulling her out of the car, according to the complaint.

Kelly kicked at officers and screamed after they got her out of the car and tried to handcuff her and again used her feet to resist going back in the car with handcuffs on, according to the complaint.

Police called paramedics to the scene because Kelly told officers she used methamphetamine and heroin, but when they arrived, Kelly allegedly refused to cooperate.

Kelly was later put on a stretcher and transported to the hospital. Once medically cleared, she was brought to the Anoka County Jail.

Kelly is scheduled to appear in court April 28.

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