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Four people are accused of stealing more than $50,000 worth of items from an Andover residence in February of last year and using stolen credit cards at local stores.

Jeremy Hall, 47, of Cambridge; Angela Eisenzimmer, 38, of Elk River; and Ryan Hickey, 46, of Cambridge, are each charged with felony second-degree burglary and felony financial transaction card fraud. Mackenzie Gabert, 28, of Cambridge is charged with felony financial transaction card fraud.

According to the recently filed criminal complaint, the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call around 6:16 a.m. Feb. 21, 2020, regarding an unattended vehicle fire in Lake George Park in Oak Grove. The vehicle was registered to a man in the 15900 block of Valley Drive Northwest in Andover.

When deputies arrived to the registered address, no one was home, but it appeared to have been burglarized, according to the complaint. The owner of the home and his wife confirmed they were out of town at the time, according to police.

The man later reported the following items were missing from the home:

• Two trucks.

• A .22-caliber revolver.

• A furnace.

• His wife’s purse, with checkbook, credit cards and a cellphone.

• Ice fishing gear.

• Several fur pelts.

The total estimated value for the items was $53,406.81.

On Feb. 24, 2020, the female victim contacted police regarding charges on her missing credit cards at Walmart stores in Blaine, Elk River and Andover, as well as a Walgreens store in Andover, according to the complaint.

She told police her cards were used nine times last year between Feb. 17 and Feb. 21, with charges totaling $2,360.19.

An investigator posted screenshots of surveillance video of the suspect on social media and identified Eisenzimmer, Hickey, Gabert and Hall in the video, according to the charges.

On April 16, 2020, Hall admitted to an investigator he burglarized the Andover residence with Hickey, according to the complaint.

Hall also reportedly told police he returned to the residence a few days later with Eisenzimmer, when he stole a chainsaw, animal furs and ice fishing gear. He said he used the stolen credit cards as well, according to the complaint.

In another statement, Gabert identified himself, Hickey and another woman in the surveillance footage, according to the complaint. Gabert reportedly said Hickey offered him $100 to purchase items in a store with the stolen credit cards.

In another interview Eisenzimmer admitted to investigators she used the stolen cards at Walmart and Walgreens in Andover, according to the complaint. She denied being part of the burglary but allegedly told police she was part of the conversation to plan the burglary.

Eisenzimmer also told police she heard Hall talking about setting a truck on fire, according to the complaint.

Hickey’s first court appearance is set for July 9. Hall’s first court appearance is set for July 9. Eisenzimmer’s first court appearance is set for May 14. Gabert’s first appearance is set for May 3.

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