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Two men are charged with burglarizing a Blaine home last spring.

Marjion Damarcus Nelson, 18, of Blaine, and Michael Robert Walters, 18, of Spring Hill, Florida, are each charged with felony second-degree burglary.

According to the complaint, Blaine police received a burglary report March 7. The homeowners had gone out of town around 6 a.m. March 6, and when they returned, they were allegedly missing $700 in cash from some bedrooms. The house belongs to Nelson’s girlfriend’s family.

Police noticed the basement window had been damaged and unlocked, which they suspected meant someone had crawled inside through the window, according to the complaint.

Neighbors reportedly told police they heard something break around 3 a.m. March 7 and saw a white vehicle outside the residence.

A victim told police she posted on social media about going out of town, which is how she suspected Nelson and Walters could have known the family would be gone, the charges say.

Walters allegedly told police he was in Minnesota the weekend of March 6, visiting from Florida, where he lives. Walters said when Nelson picked him up from the airport he told Walters about a plan to burglarize his girlfriend’s house, the charges say.

Walters also told law enforcement that Nelson broke the window and the two left after they got the money, according to the complaint. Another person drove them to and from the house.

The person driving the car said Nelson told her he needed to pick something up at his girlfriend’s house, and that’s why she drove them there, according to the complaint.

Nelson denied having anything to do with the burglary, reportedly saying he and Walters had a falling out recently.

Nelson’s first court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 23. A warrant was issued for Walters’ arrest on July 1.

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