It was a good day to get outside Saturday, Jan. 16, when Dan Anderson cut an ice carousel into Crooked Lake.

“People get so locked up inside their houses, this gives them a chance to come outside,” the Andover resident said.

The 100-foot diameter disk of ice was powered by two electric trolling motors, which slowly rotated it for several hours on the lake.

Community members were invited to share some hot cocoa and cookies and visit on the platform.

Inspired by the carousels popular in Finland, Anderson has attempted the ice carousel several times over the last four years.

The first year was a bust. Using five chainsaws to cut the ice by hand left Anderson with broken chains and a cut that was too irregular to turn without binding.

Now he uses his homemade “Ice Master 3,000.” The contraption looks like a box on skis but has a chainsaw mounted on a pivot inside to drop the blade into the ice.

The machine is then mounted on a pole set on bearings, and Anderson can push it around the circle once or twice to make the even cut needed for his carousel — turning the previously five-hour ordeal into a relatively easy 90-minute effort.

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