Music duo draw crowd at city’s senior center

CODA, comprising Malcolm Anderson on keyboard and Scott Dorff on saxophone, presented the dinner show at the Coon Rapids Senior Center Oct. 10.

CODA, the saxophone and keyboard duo, are regular performers at the Coon Rapids Senior Services dinner shows held at the Coon Rapids Civic Center.

When Scott Dorff playing soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, and Malcolm Anderson on the piano and keyboard performed Oct. 10, they drew an audience of 160 people.

“They are favorites of seniors,” said Kris Niebler, Coon Rapids Senior Services program specialist.

In fact, Niebler said Anderson told her that CODA liked coming back to perform at the senior center because they know so many people.

According to the duo’s website, CODA is “a very versatile group performing in a diversity of venues.”

CODA has released five recordings, including its latest compact disc titled “Ingratiating.”

“They continue to compose and arrange music weekly, striving the make each individual performance both pleasurable and entertaining for their audiences,” the website states.

Anderson began his piano studies at the age of six and continued through his grade and high school years.

He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in music education and a master’s degree in keyboard performance.

Anderson served as music directors at churches in both California and Minnesota in the 1980s and 1990s and currently teaches piano and keyboard privately at his home studio.

Dorff started studying the saxophone at the age of 11 and continued into his high school years, graduating from Blaine High School, where was a member of both the concert and jazz bands.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in speech and communications from the University of Minnesota, but at the same time, he attended classes at the MacPhail Center for the Arts in theory, voice and saxophone.

Currently, Dorff performs in various local bands, church music ministries and freelance studio sessions as well as playing regularly with CODA.

A noon Senior Dining lunch followed the concert.

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