Huizenga seeks Republican endorsement for Senate District 35A

Don Huizenga

Don Huizenga, a 23-year resident of Anoka, has announced his candidacy to fill the Minnesota House of Representatives seat being vacated by Rep. Jim Abeler.

Huizenga has been an active participant in local politics and school district issues for more than a decade. He ran for the House in 2008, when he lost in a primary battle against Abeler. He is the current vice chairperson of the District Executive Committee and has championed positive changes within the Republican party. He is a current and past Republican State Central delegate, Congressional district delegate, Senate district delegate and precinct chairperson and was ahead in voting for delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2012, ahead of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, but conceded his spot to Bachmann out of respect for her service.

Huizenga is a long-standing member of Mt. Olive Lutheran church in Anoka and has been an active community volunteer for many years, working with the Tax Payers League, Legacy Christian Academy, The Minnesota Voters Alliance, the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce, the NW Metro Tea Party, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota and many other political and philanthropic organizations. He is also a self-taught student of U.S. and Civil War history and is a member of the North Star Circle at the Minnesota Historical Society.

“I believe in the principles of individual liberty in our Constitution, and in order to maintain those liberties, the citizens in our community must understand them and take responsibility to uphold them,” Huizenga said. “It is not enough to just speak the words; we must take action on our own.”

Huizenga has been married for 20 years and has four children and five grandchildren. He was educated in architectural drafting and engineering and has owned two small businesses. He currently works in the insurance restoration field, where manages multimillion-dollar restorations of townhome and apartment communities across the United States, he said.

“My business requires me to work with everyone from apartment tenants to large corporate executives and insurance companies, developing the plans to rebuild their properties after large weather-related catastrophes. It gives me real-world experience in what it takes to get things accomplished,” Huizenga said.

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