Anoka County has received a grant to construct a trail for mountain and fat-tire bikes in Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park Reserve.

The county has been awarded $93,750 in federal recreation trail grant dollars via the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

According to Jeff Perry, county parks director, the money will be used to develop a 5-mile single-track trail.

“There is demand from the public for the trail in this park,” Perry said in an interview.

That was evident at an open house the county parks department hosted to seek public comment on the proposal, he said.

Bikers have been creating their own trails in the park reserve, but there have been safety issues, Perry said.

The county trail will be 2 feet wide, but there will be safe zones constructed on each side.

Trail design is planned to take place this winter with construction in the summer and fall of 2020.

“The trail will open in the fall of 2020,” Perry said.

There are no other mountain and fat-tire bike trails in the county’s park system, Perry said.

The project has an estimated cost of $125,000 with Metropolitan Council grant dollars picking up the balance.

The federal recreation trail program, which encourages the maintenance of motorized, non-motorized and diversified trails, requires a 25 percent match, according to the DNR website.

The money comes from federal highway trust fund revenues and all projects funded in 2019 must be completed by June 30, 2021.

Applications are reviewed and ranked by the DNR and the state’s trail advisory council. The minimum request is $1,000 and the maximum $150,000.

This summer the DNR awarded $777,185.81 in grants to motorized trail projects and $656,671 to non-motorized trail applications.

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