Science in the Summer comes to Anoka County Library

Anika Taylor answers the students questions about magnetism. Photo by Danny Mooers

GSK Science in the Summer is in the midst of celebrating its 30 year anniversary. The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis partnered with GSK Science in the Summer to form a group who travels the Twin Cities providing science classes for students entering second through fifth grades. It is an opportunity for students to learn about current and static electricity, sound, and magnetism.

The Anoka County Library hosted a GSK Science in the Summer class on July 12 and July 19. Anika Taylor, Bakken’s Outreach Programs Manager, led the class. Each class lasted an hour and a half and provided participants opportunities to practice hands on experiments. The experiments included testing different metals to see what sticks to a magnet and allowing students to try and build their own electrical circuit.

“This is a great opportunity for children to learn,” Taylor said. “Science is important.”

The children watched Taylor perform experiments in front of the class and then she would allow them to try similar activities with other students at tables set up around the room. The experience caused students to not only learn more about different aspects of science, but they were also forced to work together with others their age. Taylor encouraged the class several times to do their best to work together. “It is important for you guys to practice these things together. You will get things done faster and you will be able to do more tasks in the long run.”

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