The Anoka-Hennepin School Board reviewed budget amendments for two funds in the 2018-19 budget March 6.

The general fund was amended with an increase of $944,872 in revenue and expenditures, making effectively little to no difference in the final outcome.

Changes in the fund come, in part, from an earlier overestimation of how many students were in the district. The estimation was decreased by 341 pupil units.

“Our increase in our investments and our special education revenue offset our loss in our state aid for the overestimation of our pupil units,” Chief Financial Officer Michelle Vargas said. “So our overall general fund budget is exactly the same. We expected to be at a $2.2 million operating deficit and that’s exactly where we end up.”

On the revenue side the district saw an additional $756,000 in federal grant adjustments and a $1.2 million increase in the adjustments on the special education formula.

The reduction in pupil units from the previous estimates resulted in a $1.6 million decrease in state aid.

The adjustment maintains the $2.2 million deficit in the operating balance, leaving a projected June 30 fund balance of $145,993,662.

The community service fund also was adjusted. Revenue decreased by $74,000. Decreases in the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership grants, adult basic education and Adventures Plus were slightly offset by a increase in Pathways to Prosperity grants for adult basic education.

Expenditures increased by $956,000 – the majority coming from salary and benefit increases to the tune of $879,000.

The adjustments leave the community service fund with an operating balance deficit of $560,565 and a projected June 30 fund balance of $5.2 million.

After the review, the budget amendment will be up for approval during the May 20 school board meeting as part of the board’s consent agenda.

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