A potentially threatening message written on the wall of a women’s bathroom at Blaine High School has been determined not to pose a credible threat to safety on the campus.

School administrators became aware of the message, which vaguely promised that Feb. 9 would be the bloodiest day in school history, the morning of Feb. 8.

Compounding the concern, a Tweet was sent out displaying the message, but the individual who posted the Tweet deleted it without being instructed to do so by school staff, according to Jim Skelly, communication and public relations director for the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

“School administration took immediate action to investigate in cooperation with the Blaine Police Department,” Principal Jason Paske said in a message to BHS families the afternoon of Feb. 8. “Our investigation is determining there is no credible threat to safety, and the focus remains on confirming which students were involved.”

With no threat to student safety, the school was not placed on lockdown at any point Feb. 8, and classes will be held as usual tomorrow, Feb. 9.

“This is a reminder that students who violate policies or disrupt the school day are subject to discipline consistent with district policy or law enforcement action,” Paske said in his message to families.

According to Skelly, messages of concern that involve the school district are shared on social media sites multiple times per month, requiring investigation. Graffiti messages are discovered on school property less frequently.

The Blaine Police Department is working with the school district to resolve this case.

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