When Tiffany Stevens began using a Cricut cutting machine to create projects in January 2018, she had no idea it would eventually lead her to open a custom boutique in downtown Anoka.

“My spouse got me the Cricut for Christmas, and I started creating stuff on it,” the Ramsey resident said. “It just blossomed into an obnoxious amount of hobbies.”

On Aug. 14 Stevens opened a storefront for Tiffany Grace Co. at 224 E. Main St., Anoka.

“I call it a custom boutique because a lot of the stuff in the store is going to be made by me,” she said. “I make custom shirts and apparel and cups and tumblers and signs — you name it, I probably make it at this point.”

Shoppers can find items ranging from apparel to home decor and from handbags to tumblers. In addition to her own creations, Stevens carries products from other local creators, as well as some outsourced merchandise.

Stevens describes the shop and goods as “country/western style with a side of rock ‘n’ roll in there.” She sells cow print and farmhouse-style items alongside AC/DC T-shirts and leopard print.

The inspiration came from her own style.

“I started realizing that nowhere really offers the style of clothing I wear as a whole,” she said.

Stevens had been running an online custom-order business, known as Tiffany Grace Creations, which sold only pieces she made. In July she replaced that with Tiffany Grace Co., an online boutique with a wider range of products. The response was so positive that when a storefront in downtown Anoka became available, she signed a lease.

“I like to see people,” she said. “I like to talk to people. And after COVID I feel like I don’t ever see anybody now.”

With the storefront, that’s changing, and she expects to put faces with the names of some of her online customers.

Seeing the negative impact of COVID-19 on small businesses also inspired Stevens to make working with local creators a priority. Her 9-year-old son, who makes bracelets, is one of them, and Stevens gave him space in the store for his creations.

This is Stevens’ first time opening a boutique, but it’s not her first business venture. She also runs a photography business — Tiffany Grace Photography — and plans to set up a studio in the back of the new storefront. She hopes the shared location will have cross-promotional value.

Tiffany Grace Co. is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.


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