Memories Renewed opens in Spring Lake Park

Nathan Williams, left, and Chris Fure, are co-owners of Memories Renewed, a business new to Spring Lake Park, dedicated to digitizing various media formats. Photo by Olivia Alveshere

After being named best photo scanning service by the Wirecutter, Memories Renewed saw its business grow substantially and made the move from Fridley to Spring Lake Park, doubling its space.

Memories Renewed opened its doors at 933 Manor Drive NE, the former site of the Minnesota Catholic Credit Union, July 5.

“We preserve memories of the past from various media formats to be shared and enjoyed in today’s digital age,” said Chris Fure, who founded the business 12 years ago.

Fure now owns Memories Renewed with Nathan Williams, and they have hired two part-time employees with plans to hire a couple more now that business is really booming.

In addition to photo, slide and negative scanning, the business does photo restoration, video transfer and production, 8mm and 16mm film transfer, audio reel and casette transfer and more.

Before Wirecutter’s review, most business was local – lots of people were coming in with parents’ and grandparents’ old media, hoping to preserve collections digitally.

“Now we get packages from all over the country,” Fure said.

This week, Memories Renewed has 100 orders in house, and Fure and Williams do their best to turn them around within a couple of weeks.

The business is relatively unique in the Twin Cities, according to Fure.

“There’s very little competition,” he said.

But to set themselves apart from the competition they do have, Memories Renewed focuses on quality results with personalized touches.

For example, Memories Renewed will scan the backs of photos with descriptions if that is what a customer wants.

“That’s part of our personalized service,” Fure said.

Fure got into the digital preservation and restoration business after working with his dad’s slide collection. Today, a photo from that slide collection hangs in his office.

Williams has an information technologies background and serves as the company’s chief technology officer, focusing on film and video transfers.

Memories Renewed is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information, visit or call 763-571-4713.

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