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The star indicates the 14.2-acre site the city of Anoka has agreed to sell Ryan Companies for $2 million to develop a yet-to-be-determined grocery store anchor with other retail.

A new grocery store may soon go up next to the Rum River Library.

At least that’s what the Anoka City Council hopes.

The council signed off Feb. 18 on the sale of a 14.2-acre site at the northwest corner of Bunker Lake Boulevard and Seventh Avenue. Ryan Companies plans to buy the land for $2 million and find a grocery store anchor for a retail development.

The city may also seek to relocate a municipal liquor store to become part of the development.

Any proposed construction will go through a planned unit development process, which means the city will be able to set design standards and other requirements.

Anoka has agreed to construct an intersection with signal lights to serve the property from Seventh Avenue, with the traffic signals being installed around November of this year. The cities of Anoka and Andover are expected to help pay for the signal, which will be on their border.

If Ryan Companies can’t find a grocery anchor, the land could stay with the city, City Manager Greg Lee told the council.

Under the purchase agreement, Anoka and Ryan Companies have 120 days to negotiate a development agreement to work out further details. Ryan Companies has 180 days for due diligence but can choose to extend that period for up to 180 days more.

“We are encouraged by the fact that we really think that we share in the same visions,” Patrick Daly of Ryan Companies said, speaking to the City Council Jan. 21. “The site really is best served as being a grocery-anchored shopping district. And we’re excited to be able to take the next steps with you.”

Mayor Phil Rice noted Feb. 18 that getting to this point has taken a long discussion and a fairly long search for someone to develop the land.

The council unanimously approved the purchase agreement.


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