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This rendering shows a preliminary design for The American Club, a senior living co-op planned on the Green Haven Golf Course. (Image by Kaas Wilson Architects)

Anoka’s longtime plan for a golf course community is coming to fruition.

A $33 million, multistory senior living co-op is expected to start construction on approximately 4 acres on Green Haven Golf Course next year.

Gramercy Development Companies has announced plans for an 87-unit community called The American Club, with units from 1,100-1,800 square feet. Residents must be 62 or older. A sales office is slated to open on the lower level of the Green Haven clubhouse in mid-August.

“Gramercy couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to launch The American Club brand in the city of Anoka,” said Mick Conlan, managing partner for Gramercy.

“The American Club will take the best design features of condominium and cooperative living to the next level,” said Kathleen Conlan Joyce, partner for Gramercy. “Our design team is committed to bringing a boutique contemporary feel to our Anoka residents.”

The announcement comes after the Anoka City Council approved sale to Gramercy of the property at 641 Jacob Lane, the site of Anoka’s park service center. The city will demolish the service center and will need to relocate and reconstruct a golf maintenance and animal containment facility.

The golf maintenance facility is planned for the corner of Garfield and State Street in the northeast corner of Green Haven and is estimated to cost about $3 million. The City Council has discussed a proposal for a combined animal containment and law enforcement training center next to the police station, but the plan has not received final approval.

Gramercy is paying the city $945,000, the full appraised value, to purchase the property on Jacob Lane. The sale is contingent on Gramercy meeting the 60% presale mark it needs in order to begin construction.

Earlier this month the city also agreed to lease clubhouse space for Gramercy to use as a sales office at a rate of $1,000 a month for at least a year.

The sale of land to create a golf course community has been anticipated since at least 2012, when the city adopted the Greens of Anoka plan, which called for “the sale of strategic pieces of land for development” around the golf course to “provide an opportunity to create more taxable land.”

The City Council unanimously approved the sale of the Jacob Lane property to Gramercy and seemed enthusiastic about the development.

Mayor Phil Rice said the site is beautiful and the project is good for the city.

Although the property purchase has been approved, the design must still go through an approval process with the city.

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