Last year East Bethel couple Brett and Nicole Myhre dealt with numerous tragedies: Three of their grandparents died.

In fact, Brett’s grandmother died before she could meet the couple’s new daughter, due to her care facility’s restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We just introduced them through a window,” Brett said. “She never had the chance to hold her last grandkid.”

If his grandmother had been able to live at home, rather than at a facility, the situation would have been different, Brett said. She could have held Brett and Nicole’s daughter.

That thought inspired the couple to open a franchise in Anoka County for in-home care services. After vetting a few companies, they settled on Griswold Home Care.

They felt other companies seemed more focused on money, rather than the level of care, which was a turn-off for the Myhres. Their ultimate goal was to give back to the Anoka County community and allow people to stay in the place they love — their own home — as long as possible, Brett said.

“There’s a growing need for this kind of business, need for this service,” Brett said.

Griswold offers non-medical, at-home services such as companion care, overnight home care, personal care and homemaking care, Griswold Franchise Development Manager Nicole Kosmaceski said.

“We’re providing care for clients in home, while in a place they love,” Kosmaceski said.

Brett and Nicole will be the directors of the county office, based in Anoka.

In this role, they’ll meet potential clients and get to know their care needs. Then they’ll work with a registered nurse to develop a care plan suited for each client. Finally, they’ll match each client with a care provider who can help the clients with whatever they need.

Due to the pandemic, the Myhres haven’t been able to get a license yet to open the franchise, but Brett said he anticipates that will happen soon. Because of this, there’s no set opening date yet.

“We’re hoping in the next few months, if stuff goes well,” he said.

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