A new restaurant is bringing upscale dining to Anoka’s downtown.

Club 300 contrasts with Anoka’s usual bars, offering customers a fine dining experience in the Old Post Office building.

“It should be the best service and the best food,” chef and co-owner Rowan Brown said.

Brown is one of four co-owners, including Chef Von Inthisone and husband and wife Jim and Barb Abeler.

The restaurant is focused on fine dining. It was described as a European sit-in style, where customers can expect three- or four-course meals.

“Europeans are known for their fine dining,” Brown said. “They take their time and eat. They go course by course.”

During an Oct. 1 ribbon-cutting, members of the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce toured the space. On the main floor is Club 300, which serves patrons in a handful of cozy rooms filled with tables shrouded in white linen tablecloths.

Club 300 offers more than just an upscale dining experience. The two chefs, Brown and Von Inthisone, combine their backgrounds for a “Jamasian” fusion of Jamaican and Asian food.

“We pride ourselves on using all fresh vegetables and shopping locally,” Brown said.

Below is Nucky’s Speakeasy, named after Enoch Johnson who was a bootlegger based in Atlantic City, Barb Abeler said. The speakeasy is another project the Abelers hope to open in about a month.

While work was unfinished in the speakeasy, the brick walls and barrel tables lit by golden, hanging lights creates a furtive atmosphere well-matched to the theme.

Nucky’s will feature a 22-foot bar, imported from Italy. Down there guests can expect to munch on appetizers like steak bites and chicken wings, Inthisone said.

The speakeasy will have a membership component and a large safe containing high-end liquor, Brown said.

Jim and Barb Abeler have owned the old post office since 1994, when they purchased it to start PACT Charter School, Barb said. It is also where Mad Hatter Tea Room started, though it was called My Mom’s Attic at that time.

The couple had made plans to sell the property, but it didn’t pan out, Jim said. Instead they decided to start a restaurant after they serendipitously met with the two chefs who run the kitchen.

Brown and Inthisone started a restaurant together in Big Lake, where they served Jamaican and Asian foods. Some of the best meals from that location are being brought to Club 300, Brown said.

Brown has worked for the Windom and Ritz Carlton hotels, where he learned much of his cooking skills, he said.

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