Artwork from Rumriver Art Center students is being showcased through Saturday, March 23, at the center’s new art gallery.

“We’re very proud and excited to feature the talents of our students,” said Director Larry Weinberg. “Young or old, it is amazing to see the transformations of their abilities and what they have accomplished.”

A variety of mediums are on display in the exhibit, including acrylic, watercolor and oil paintings; weaving; pottery; photography; and more.

Some of the artwork is available for purchase.

The exhibit features over 50 art pieces from past and present students. Plein-air teacher Paul T. Boecher, of Anoka, said the show is a great opportunity to show how far students have advanced in their art studies.

“It’s so amazing to see the students that I have taught shine,” Boecher said. “They’re really amazing students. I have enjoyed seeing them grow.”

The Rumriver Art Center is a nonprofit, and Weinberg said it’s a resource for the entire community that helps students of all ages explore their creativity through visual arts.

“The Rumriver Art Center has really helped nurture me with my artwork,” said Spectrum High School sophomore Alia Hitchcock, of Rogers. “It’s a wonderful place to be.”

Hitchcock is displaying her ink and color pencil drawings. She said she enjoys creating fantasy artwork that is often inspired by her life experiences.

Champlin photographer and painter Tom Pace is also displaying his work. He has been a student at the Rumriver Art Center the past two years.

“The Rumriver Art Center is a great place to go and meet other people with similar ideas,” Pace said. “It is a great place where you can share things creativity with each other.”

As a former photojournalist, Pace said he enjoys doing action photography, but has since been studying landscape photography. Pace has also taken classes in plein-air painting, which is outddor painting. He has done landscape paintings in oil and watercolor.

Acrylic plein-air painter Patricia Hartwell, of Ramsey, was a student at the Rumriver Art Center three years and studied under Boecher. Now she’s an assistant plein-air teacher with Boecher.

“I had painted in the past, but it was really compartmentalized,” Hartwell said. “Studying under Paul has really helped me take my artwork in a whole new direction and really just ... go with it. It has been a wonderful experience.”

The Rumriver Art Center gallery is located at 2665 Fourth Ave., Anoka, in suite 103A. It’s open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

For more information on the center, visit or call 763-323-8830.


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