Oak Grove ceramist, Kevin Eldstrom, will be featured at the Rumriver Art Center Aug. 24 through Sept. 28

Eldstrom’s gallery show “Rusty Fork” will have an opening reception 2-5 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 24, at the Rumriver Art Center Gallery at 2665 Fourth Ave., Anoka, in suite 103A. Attendees will have the chance to meet with Eldstrom and discuss his work. Selected pieces will be available for purchase.

Eldstrom’s interest in art began while he was studying business at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. During his time at the school he also studied ceramics.

Eldstrom has been creating art for the last eight years and has formally taught art classes for about a year. He teaches ceramics classes at the Rumriver Art Center and at Paramount Center for the Arts. He also works as a ceramic studio technician.

Eldstrom graduated from St. Cloud State University last December with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

The artwork Eldstrom will show at the Rumriver Art Center is a combination of aluminum and machine-fabricated ceramic items. His artwork explores the interaction between molten aluminum and ceramic vessels.

To create his pieces, Eldstrom melts and pours liquid aluminum onto the ceramic vessels. The intensity of the heat causes the ceramic vessel to shatter, but at the same time the cracks fill with aluminum before the aluminum cools and solidifies.

To learn more about the Rumriver Art Center, visit rumriverart.com.

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