The Fridley High School cast, crew and pit orchestra of this fall’s musical production, “Guys and Dolls: A Musical Fable of Broadway,” earned numerous Hennepin Theatre Trust Spotlight Education awards.

To earn Spotlight Education awards, trained performance evaluators attend participating schools’ musical theater productions to critique the performances in several categories: movement, vocal and acting technique for ensemble; execution of the technical aspects of the production; and individual performances.

“The Spotlight awards are the pinnacle of recognition for high school musical theater in the State of Minnesota,” Auditorium and Events Coordinator Dan Wold said. “Achieving this level of recognition requires a tremendous amount of work and focus. The cast and crew of ‘Guys and Dolls’ worked very hard to put this production together, and it is very rewarding to be recognized.”

Wold said it’s not easy to achieve an Outstanding Overall Production distinction.

“Fridley has never done that before,” he said. “We have also never had all of the leads in a show recognized for Outstanding Performance. This really shows how talented and hardworking our students worked.”

The Outstanding Overall Production award allows Fridley to perform a medley from its production at the Spotlight Showcase in Minneapolis, held annually in the spring. Students who worked on the technical crew and student musicians are also eligible to participate throughout Showcase Rehearsal Week and the show itself.

Production Awards:

• Achievement in Musical Theatre, Honorable Mention;

• Overall Production, Outstanding

• Overall Performance, Honorable Mention

• Ensemble Performance, Honorable Mention

• Acting Performance, Outstanding

• Student Orchestra, Honorable Mention

• Costume Crew, Honorable Mention

• Run Crew, Outstanding

• Overall Technical Team, Outstanding

• Light & Sound Crew, Outstanding

Individual Honors:

• Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role: Cassady Callahan as Sarah Brown; Ruby Richard as Miss Adelaide; Ryken Farr as Sky Masterson; Daniel Toweh as Nathan Detroit

• Honorable Mention in Supporting Role: Willem West Mohn as Nicely Nicely Johnson

• Outstanding in Technical Leadership: Gavin Bardenpratt as Board Operator

• Honorable Mention in Technical Leadership: Xiomara Welsh as State Manager

• Evaluator Shout-Out: Mykell Engle;

• Spotlight Showcase Featured Dance Performance: Lulu Schirmacher and Mykell Engle;

• Spotlight Showcase Student Orchestra Performance: Anna Meisner and Sophia Kriz

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