The school portion of property taxes will decrease for Fridley residents in 2014.

The Fridley School Board approved a tax levy decrease of $784,690, or 9.1 percent, during the meeting Dec. 17.

During the Truth in Taxation presentation, Finance Director Matt Hammer said state aid for operating referendums was increased, resulting in reductions in the tax levy for most districts. State aid for capital revenue was also increased, which also resulted in reductions in the tax levy.

“We’re levying the max, but it’s still a decrease,” Hammer said. “Fridley Public Schools is now getting more state aid and our taxpayers are paying less in the levy.”

The overall levy for 2014 is $7,854,976, compared to the $8,639,666 in 2013.

“Taxpayers are going to see a decrease in their levy and most people are going to be pleased to see that,” he said. “Overall I think the community should see that as a good thing.”


 Board recognizes School Board Member Gordon Backlund

The board passed a resolution during the Dec. 17 meeting recognizing Gordon Backlund’s years of service on the Fridley School Board.

Backlund served for 24 years and was elected out of office during the November 2013 general election.

“The excellence of the Fridley Public School District is attributed in no small measure to the stewardship of its School Board, and Gordon Backlund has served on the Fridley School Board for 24 years as a member since July 1989, serving as director, clerk, treasurer, vice chair and chair,” the resolution read. “Mr. Backlund’s record of accomplishments during his tenure on the School Board includes upgrades of aging facilities in the district, Hayes and Stevenson Elementary Schools’ expansions, the addition of the Fridley Moore Lake Area Learning Center; and Mr. Backlund supported the implementation of many programs and initiatives such as the district-wide transition to International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, all-day kindergarten for children, renewal of levies, School Board policies, contract negotiations, serving as School Board representative on the Association of Metropolitan School Districts, and as a member of Rotary Club of Fridley and Columbia Heights; and his term of service on Fridley School Board will end on Dec. 31, 2013.”

The Fridley Public Schools Board, on behalf of a grateful community, and with sincere appreciation, commends Gordon Backlund for his years of devoted service to the children of the Fridley Public School District and his contributions to the Fridley School Board.”

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