Over 200 Fridley Middle School 6th grade students demonstrated and presented their innovative ideas at the annual Inventors Fair on Jan. 15. Through this interdisciplinary science class project, students aim to create an invention that could help improve or solve a pressing issue.

The Inventors Fair is an opportunity for students to build critical thinking skills, increase knowledge, practice presentation skills, and gain experience in planning and building a creative project.

Students worked through the design process while keeping a log book to help develop their individual ideas. After researching current products and patents, they made their own patent drawings and wrote “problem paragraphs” to address the issue that their invention would solve, as well as the type of person it was designed for. Students then created their own models and display boards to present, and demonstrated their inventions to parents, staff and community members at the annual fair.

The Inventors Fair project fits into the inquiry-led approach, which is at the center of an International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum framework. By working through this self-initiated and self-directed design process, students are able to further develop their skills and understanding of themselves as learners.

Congratulations to the 6th grade students who earned special recognition for their inventions: Devin Loven, Judah Kozicky, Taylor Hunnicutt, Ariel Cavazos-Williams, Mina Vang, Ellyana Prairie, Charlie Schroeder, Aidan Andler, Liam Callahan, Deqa Ahmed, GoLawLye Yang and Valerie Johnson.

Fr01NWinvention_Aidan Andler.jpg

Fridley Middle School 6th grade student Aidan Andler and his invention, the butter equalizer straw. It’s function is to disperse butter evenly throughout a bucket of popcorn at the movie theater.

Fr01NWinvention_Ellyana Prairie.jpg

Fridley Middle School 6th grade student Ellyana Prairie and her invention, the skate cam.

Fr01NWinvention_Kiara Wallace.jpg

Fridley Middle School 6th grade student Kiara Wallace shows off her invention, a non-plugable lava lamp at the Inventors Fair on Jan. 15.

Fr01NWinvention_Nathanael Gonzalez.jpg

Fridley Middle School 6th grade student Nathanael Gonzalez and his invention, the bloncho.

Fr01NWinvention_Rose Chesson.jpg

Fridley Middle School 6th grade student Rose Chesson and her invention, Felix the Fixer Upper.

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